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Without publicity a terrible thing happens – Nothing.

Legendary Publicist & Entrepreneur, P.T. Barnum

The truth is, no matter how great your album, event, product, service or personal brand is it is worthless if the right people do not know about it. That’s where we come in. At Artistry, we specialise in securing national exposure for entertainment and lifestyle brands through our publicity services which target traditional and online media platforms. We will plan, implement, measure and report on your specialised media campaign so you don’t have to lift a finger. We will do the work for you so you can focus on creating a fantastic product/service/event.

Our service is ideal for businesses or individuals that would like to:

Raise the visibility, reputation and effectiveness of their brand, product or service using media relations

Boost their revenue by attracting new business, customers and deal flow and

Protect and enhance their brand positioning within their target market though media platforms

It is not just about making your brand more visible, it is also about creating a lasting impression by solidifying your brand message and value. This ensures that you build lasting relationships with your target audience

Our PUBLICITY services are aimed at:


Ensuring that you reach your targeted audience and they know what you have to offer. This is done through an intensive media publicity campaign which targets both traditional and ‘new’ media streams.


Promoting your brand offering, clearly communicating how it is relevant to the targeted audience as well as how they can go about engaging with your brand offering (service/product).


Helping your audience gain understanding of and an interest in your brand through articles, newsletters, websites, social media and other related platforms of communication.


Increase your business opportunities and or product sales through promotional activities that showcase your brand offering as well as communicate its relevance to the target audience.


Maintaining positive relationships with key audiences, and thereby aiding in building a strong image through increased activity in the media as well as brand partnerships that cement your brand message.

We will plan, implement, measure and report on a specialized media campaign which covers both traditional and digital media platforms across South Africa. Securing TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine and Online Interviews for your brand in order to achieve consistent media coverage, increased visibility and brand relevance to help grow your fan base.

We create, source and secure lucrative performance; sponsorship, branding, funding and endorsement opportunities to ensure that you have a sustainable and lucrative career

We offer professional event management services from conceptualizing to co-ordinating and producing the entire event. This service covers media launches, DVD shoots and general promotional events.

We curate content that keeps your audience engaged, entertained and informed to create  brand consistency and value for your audience while also aligning your brand so you can secure influencer marketing opportunities. Your content will not only keep you active but it will be memorable, engaging and build a loyal following/fan base.


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