ARTISTRY AGENCY – Uniting Africa Through Music

The Artistry Talent Management team was the trusted artist management service provider for the 081Every1 Hope Concert which took place in Namibia on Saturday the 4th of September 2021. The agency flew out Ayanda Ntanzi, Bucy Rabede, Benjamin Dube and their indiviudual bands to Windhoek for performances at the Safari Hotel in Windhoek, ensuring that each artist was well taken care of and got a chance to connect with the media and their fan base in the country.

All 3 artists were well received by their supporters in Windhoek and this proved that music has no borders and no boundaries. Even with language barriers, gospel music has the ability to touch one’s soul. This has further encouraged the team to find and create opportunities for South African gospel musicians to travel across the continent and the globe, spreading the gospel to nations far and wide.

“Uniting Africa through music is one of the agency’s cornerstones and so this concert provided us with the opportunity to achieve one of our greatest missions.” says agency Founder and MD Nolu Malope. “In addition, it was an event built around bringing hope back to the world during these tough times we are all facing so it really spoke to my core.” she adds.

The 081Every1 Concert was live streamed on the MTC YouTube Page and can be enjoyed by everyone across the globe from the comfort of their home.

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